European Strategy 2020 is intended to reduce the index of young students’ dropping out and promote the European model of social market economy with a strong environmental dimensi on. In that context, we have designed this Project called In the STAND UP SPEAK OUT! to favour inclusion for those students who tend to fall behind. The project concentrates on pupils facing learning difficulties, especially those under the following two categories: coming from different educational systems or facing socioeconomic issues. Lastly, the project will favour those with high intellectual capacities.

Our motivation is to favour inclusion of students with special needs, and to prevent early school abandonment by empowering them through the creation of a youth in action network. The main aim is to make students active participants and contributors to their society, promoting equality for those less-favoured, analysing remarkable examples of relevant actions carried out by young people in Europe along history, and acknowledging them as part of our European cultural heritage, making participants aware of their own potential, and finally, encouraging them to take action. The idea behind this is to show the students they all count and they have the power and the responsibility to change the world at different levels, starting from their closest community to the global community. To achieve this objective, pupils who are the project’s target will be given educational alternatives to help them to overcome existing obstacles. The strategies, approaches and methodologies planned promote that students become involved in their own learning, developing social capacities to interact in a global reality, breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers, understanding that as world’s citizens we live together, and we are equal in dignity. Due to that fact, all efforts will be put to make pupils take responsibility to produce the needed change.

Active citizenship is going to be fostered for students to engage in social and democratic participation and have a prosperous individual and collective future. Every partner is motivated to contribute with its knowledge and skills: Spanish partner school’s faculty is experienced in dealing with absenteeism and promoting active citizenship and  integration. Romanian partner school’s staff teachers are well-trained in integrating students from  different cultures. Latvian partner is a school specialized on working with gifted students. And Italian partner school’s teachers are acknowledged in tackling early school leaving.